Co-ordinator: U. Norstedt (Sweden)



  • To learn from each other

  • To foster cooperation and experience exchange in between member countries and individuals about safety for the public being in the vicinity of our dams and waterways.

  • To compare different legal and management concepts

                                     Terms of Reference

  1. Initiation Workshop

  2. Inventory  and comparison of different legal framework and regulatory regimes in Europe

  3. Comparison of management concepts and practices in different countries and companies

  4. Further Workshop possibilities will be considered

  5. Progress report 2009 and a final report 2010

  6. Advice on possible further activities 2010

Working Group Members

Austria            Pius Obernhuber

France            Alain Petitjean

Germany         Peter Rutschmann

Norway           Björn Honningsvåg    

Portugal          Eduardo Ribeiro da Silva

Sweden          Urban Norstedt

UK                 Andy Hughes