Co-ordinator: G. Ruggeri (Italy)



Terms of Reference

A scouting working group, composed of a reduced number of members, is going to explore the possibility to extend to a larger number of European Countries a Project aimed to: 

  • Make available the “Regulations on Dams” (concerning selected aspects) applied in the European Countries
  • Facilitate the consultation and the search of the information.

The scouting Working Group will “test” and optimise the foreseen activities, and will provide the Club with initial results (limited to some Countries) and with the optimised design of the complete Project, to be carried out involving all the interested European Countries.

 The scouting Working Group is composed by:   Giovanni Ruggeri (Italy) , Josť Rocha Afonso (Portugal) , Thomas Konow (Norway) , Patrick Le Delliou (France),  John Gosden  (Great Britain