The aims or the Club are achieved by fulfilling the following objectives in relation to dams in Europe:

  • Encouragement of European Working Groups, which purpose is to exchange up to date information and to encourage research on matters which are, according to the objective of the club, of current interest to the members.

  • Encouragement of regular European Symposia on Dams and Reservoirs. It is intended that Symposia with topics particularly relevant to a number of European countries will be held generally at intervals of two to four years. The European Symposia are not held close to ICOLD Congresses.

  • Interchange of information related to the design, construction, operation, maintenance and social, environmental and economic aspects of clams and reservoirs

  • Interchange of data and information on the behaviour of dams and reservoirs.

  • Interchange of information on the different legislation, standards and practice applied in respect of reservoir safety in different countries in order to improve the understanding for the reasons for such differences and encourage the adoption of high standards in the interests of public safety.

  • Interchange of information on the legislation, standards and practices applied in respect of environmental impact, together with information on the effectiveness of the legislation.

  • Provision of expert non-political advice in relation to dam and reservoir safety to the movements of European countries, the European Union or other groups of states, where requested.

  • Participation in public relations activities to explain the social, environmental and economic benefits of dams and reservoirs.

  • Co-operation in the professional training of young engineers in relation to dams and reservoirs through participation in the Symposia, in the Working Groups and in exchanges of staff between countries.